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Hannah Keating

Hannah Keating Hannah Keating

HANNAH KEATING is excited to be back at SLAC for the children’s musical after playing Turtle/Bird/Squirrel in A Year with Frog and Toad last year. Recent credits include Rocky Horror (Pioneer Theatre Company), 42nd Street (CenterPoint Legacy Theatre), Something Rotten (Pioneer Theatre Company) and The Book Club Play (Babcock Theatre - U of U), where she assisted director Penny Caywood. She got her BFA/BS from the University of Utah in 2022 and, when she isn’t working for the U or rehearsing, she is learning to be more of a Utahn – hiking, indoor rock climbing, doing yoga, and more. She’s also developed a recent obsession for Dungeons and Dragons, and even plays with some members of the cast. Hannah would like to thank her mom, sisters, co-workers, and friends for their incredible love and support, especially during this holiday season. In loving memory of Terry Keating. hannahkeating.com / @iamjustkeating