Camille Litalien

Camille Litalien’s background is in dance: She studied Modern Dance at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and at the Cunningham Studios in New York and then pursued a professional career as a performer and choreographer in Europe and Northern America. Alongside this artistic career, and to balance both the extreme physical and emotional demands it required, she started practicing Hatha Yoga over 20 years ago. She holds full-time Movement Faculty positions at numerous prestigious universities including the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK and The Theatre School at Depaul University, Chicago. She is currently faculty in the Department of Health and Movement Sciences at Utah State University.

Her work as a dancer and student of Yoga deeply informs her current research process in the field of ‘Embodied Learning’. Heavily rooted in a sensuous exploration of early embryological development, her explorations of somatic patterning serve as a stepping stone to develop embodied self-knowledge. More than an objectified research, her work rather lives in a continuous process of exploration, within the somatic field of human consciousness. She is the creator of an experiential learning methodology called ’Living State of Dance’, a transformational approach to human movement