Emilie Starr

Emilie Starr is a successful starving actress in Utah and she has performed all over the state. She is excited to be a part of VOYEUR for the 3rd time. Some of her favorite roles include, Fly in DIARY OF A WORM A SPIDER AND A FLY, Zooey in MR. PERFECT & Juliet in R&J STAR CROSSED DEATH MATCH all with Salt Lake Acting Company, Richardis in Virtue with Plan B. Diane in NEXT TO NORMAL with the Ziegfeld Theatre, Cavale in COWBOY MOUTH with Good Company Theatre and Alice in CLOSER with  Wasatch Theatre. She also has performed in Intermountain’s LIVE WELL TOUR where she has traveled to elementary schools all over the state teaching kids about eating healthy and staying active. In her spare time she works full time at Salt Lake Acting Company on their marketing and audience development team. So SUBSCRIBE! She dreams of one day taking a vacation with her sweet boyfriend David. She would also like to thank her Mom, Dad, Sister Jennie and lifelong friends Eric and Tracy for supporting her terrible theatre addiction and being her entourage.