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Charlotte Brickwood

Charlotte Brickwood is so excited to be joining SLAC for the first time. After a year in Los Angeles doing commercial and film she is ready to get back on the stage with a live audience and Saturday's Voyeur is the perfect show to do so. Charlotte's training includes a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and an Associates Degree in Vocal Performance from Northeastern State University, Meisner Technique, and London's Shakespeare's Globe Summer Intensive. She has been stage acting from the age of 8 performing in shows as classical as Midsummer Night's Dream to as modern as Legally Blonde: The Musical (Omigod, you guys...) and will continue to seek the stage in the many years to come as an artistic release. Outside of Theatre she is currently seeking an Anthropology Degree with emphasis in Primatology at the University of Utah in hope to become a Conversationalist, Primatologist and Researcher for the Orangutans, Chimpanzees and other primates reaching species extinction. Charlotte would like to thank her parents, Jennifer and David, for all the support they have shown her from day one and cannot be more grateful for their love in all endeavors, from Fine Art to Natural Science. She would also like to extend loving thoughts up above for her late Grandfather, Jack.