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Love UT, Give UT 2015

March 24, 2015

44 years of engaging community through brave contemporary theatre!

What do we love about Salt Lake Acting Company? YOU!

We love that you are part of our community. You allow SLAC to engage and enrich community in so many ways.

Whatever it is you love about SLAC, know that it is supported by you!

Your gift will support playwrights, directors, actors, and producers through our Regional and World Premiere productions, the New Play Sounding Series, the Playwrights' Lab at SLAC, and more.

You will open up new possibilities for thousands of students who will attend our annual children's show and experience the magic of live theater.

You will enrich university students who receive their first professional experience in our productions, or benefit from SLAC's scholarship programs for young theatre artists.

You will help engage our beloved community of Utahns who make brave, contemporary theatre possible in our state.

SLAC exists because of you!

Salt Lake Acting Company strives to provide thoughtful, provocative, and professional theatre to Utahns, and our open and adventurous audience has allowed us to produce just that for over 44 years.

From our annual musical satire Saturday's Voyeur that, "makes living in Utah bearable," to our children's show which is simply put, "children's theatre at its very best," Salt Lake Acting Company has become a staple to many people in this loving and vibrant community.

We're humbled by the backing of our community. Utah's aware and engaged citizens allow us to blossom and facilitate what we really want you to experience: leaving our theatre as one of our patrons recently did, yelling "I feel LIBERATED!"

Be a part of this theatre and help us push our mission and vision even further!

Schedule your donation here!

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