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Theater: McMansions and media merge in SLAC’s new play | Salt Lake Tribune

February 04, 2015

By KATHY STEPHENSON | January 31, 2015 | The Salt Lake Tribune


The threads that run through "Two Stories," a new play making its world premiere at Salt Lake Acting Company, are pulled from today's headlines: "Neighbors battle over McMansions" and "Can newspapers save jobs with web hits?"

The topics are just two things that keep Utah playwright Elaine Jarvik — a former reporter with a love of houses and neighborhood aesthetics — up at night.

"I really wanted to tell both these stories," she said. "There was a connection: my rights versus your rights, and what do we really own?"

The play follows Jodi Wolcott, an old-school journalist forced to produce stories that will draw web hits, and the Masoris family, who plan to remodel their modest house.


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