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Green Room Gallery | Artist Katrina Berg

January 29, 2015


Green Room Gallery Artist Katrina Berg

Our Green Room Gallery is a collective endeavor between community and artists. This space allows us to offer a variety of diverse visual perspectives from local artists. In keeping with SLAC's mission to nurture our local, creative community, we celebrate these reinforcements born between the visual and performing arts. All sales go directly to the exhibiting artist.

During the run of TWO STORIES we are pleased to present the work of Katrina Berg. Katrina lives and creates in Midway, Utah with her husband, 4 sons (including baby twins), and daughter. She holds degrees in Early Childhood Education from Brigham Young University and Landscape Architecture from UNLV. After spending summers studying French in Paris, and later Architecture in Torino, Italy, she found she could not leave her paints alone. Her work is found in private collections across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and Europe.

Katrina uses paint as a means of preservation. This pictorial form of conservation acts as a record of a place, time, and feeling. Her work presenting homes and architecture not only offer physical descriptions, but also encapsulates the nostalgia of the American dream. As the architectural landscape of our cities and the cultural climate of our societies evolves scenes such as those depicted by Katrina find their place in the realm of the historical, rather than the current day to day. The American dream that once consisted of the small little house with the white picket fence has evolved, and is now diverse and individualized. TWO STORIES reflects America's changing demographics, and different versions of the American Dream are reflected through the changing architectural landscape of a neighborhood. Questions of neighborhood preservation are raised, and the American dream is examined.

To see more of Katirna's work visit her website at www.katrinaberg.com