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3,000 Subscribers! SLAC Reaches New Heights

October 14, 2014

We are proud to announce that Salt Lake Acting Company has reached an all-time record breaking number of 3,000 subscribers and still counting. We are literally jumping up and down with joy over the growth of our subscriber base. This means our subscribers trust our work and recognize the importance of this theatre in the community. We are honored by their year round support. The growth in subscribers is in line with the growth of this organization. We have expanded our play development, arts education, and outreach programming. To support this growth we have also increased and invested in our staff to ensure everyone who attends a SLAC production or sees us out in the community feels welcomed, included, and excited to return. We'd like to let you know what we love about Salt Lake Acting Company:

"Salt Lake Acting Company represents possibilities. I love the artists and audience this theatre attracts and the magic we share." ~ Cynthia Fleming (Executive Producer)

"What I love most about SLAC is its brave and appreciative audience." ~ Keven Myhre (Executive Producer)

"I love coming to work every day, reading and working on exciting new plays with supremely talented artists, knowing that we have the most adventurous and savvy audience with whom to share the work." ~ Shannon Musgrave (Associate Producer/Director New Play Development)

"I love SLAC's commitment to producing bold new plays that are relevant to the Salt Lake community." ~ Janice Jenson (Associate Producer)

"The environment at SLAC is wonderful. I love working with the staff and patrons." ~ Nick Fleming (Audience Services Manager)

"What I love most about SLAC is our subscribers, they are always the most friendly and adventurous people (who see plays they've often never even heard of before!) I am absolutely honored to be able to work with them so closely. Working at SLAC is literally—the best." ~ Erika Ahlin (Director of Marketing)

"I love coming to SLAC knowing I get to help make programs like the free shows for Title I students or the University Professional Theatre Program possible." ~ Logan Froerer (Director of Development)

"What I love most about SLAC are the people that are drawn to this unique theatre, and the diverse perspectives and contagious excitement they bring. Both the people that work here and patrons that walk through the doors make coming to work a delight!" ~ Samantha Matsukawa (Audience Services)

"I love being surrounded by so many talented artists from every aspect of the field. SLAC is a wonderful place that encourages these artists to thrive and aspire to produce great work for the theatre and the community around us." ~Bobby Cody (Audience Services)

"What I love about SLAC is the patrons; SLAC is the only place I've performed where the audience thanks you for your performance and go out of their way to tell you how much they love the theatre company and the joy you have brought to their day." ~ Olivia Custodio (Audience Services)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It's because of you Salt Lake Acting Company is a wonderful place to belong.

Our very best to you,
Cynthia and Keven
Executive Producers

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