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SLAC debut | 4000 MILES actor Austin Grant

March 18, 2014

Austin Grant headshot

I am absolutely ecstatic to be working with so many talented people on 4000 Miles. It's such an incredible script riddled with such beautiful moments that have you tearing up, laughing out loud, and overall just moved by the simplicity. This will be my first play ever with Salt Lake Acting Company and I couldn't be happier to make my debut with such an incredible team of talented people. I'm incredibly grateful to have Adrianne Moore at the head of the ship, guiding us through and keeping the show in tip top shape. Without her we would be lost at sea. The cast is PERFECT! . . . I honestly don't need to go any further with that, enough said. I'm super grateful to be working hard on something that I know will be rewarding for both me and the audiences. Hopefully our show will make people stop and think about their own lives and the people that make it worth living.

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