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Salt Lake Acting Company - Robert Askins

New Play Sounding Series
Free Reading

Monday, May 1 @ 7pm


Director: Robin Wilks-Dunn

Actors: Colleen Baum, Jacob Russell Johnson, Darby Mest, Nicki Nixon, Richard Scott, Matthew Sincell

Stage Manager/Reader: William Richardson


Winter is coming and the squirrels of the great tree are feeling the pinch. The greatest squirrel in the greatest tree in the greatest forest in all the land will not share his nuts. What's worse, rival squirrel families and rival squirrel species are all begging, pleading, and tricking to try to get his nuts. Will the tree survive? Will his family? Will war come and bring the whole thing tumbling down? The answer is yes, but we might have some fun getting there.


SLAC thanks the Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation for their generous support of this vital program.