Salt Lake Acting Company Playwrights' Lab

A rare opportunity for writers, the SLAC Playwrights’ Lab dedicates time, talent, and artistic resources to the exploration and investigation of new scripts. Giving writers time, space, and a community of skilled and generous artists, without the pressure of a final reading, presentation, or showing, is invaluable. SLAC brings together local and national artists to form the Lab company, which is comprised of actors, directors, dramaturgs, stage managers, and resource artists (which have included a choreographer, visual artist/designer, musicologist, composer, storyteller, and improv artist). 

The rigorous week-long SLAC Lab holds rehearsals from 9am to 5pm, and then enjoys presentations and workshops from each of the resource artists in the evenings, giving the playwrights opportunities to consider various artistic avenues they might not normally explore. SLAC is very proud of this venture and its huge contributions to the exciting world of new plays.

The 2017 SLAC Lab is sponsored by National New Play Network and the Weinholtz Family Foundation, with support from the Dramatists Guild Fund

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2017 SLAC Lab Projects


MAGIC CITY by Hilary Bettis
Director - Michel Hausmann
Dramaturg - Tlaloc Rivas
Actors - Elena Dern, Ana Grosse, Thony Mena
Stage Manager - Jennie Sant

SILENT DANCER by Kathleen Cahill
Director - Lyndsay Burch
Dramaturg - Phaedra Scott
Choreographer - Peter Christie
Actors/Dancers - Austin Archer, Tyson Baker, Carleton Bluford, Trent Cox, Samantha Matsukawa, William Richardson, Katryna Williams
Stage Manager - Morag Shepherd

TREES IN THEIR YOUTH by Dominic Finocchiaro
Director - Adrianne Moore
Dramaturg - Julie Jensen
Actors - Flo Bravo, Justin Ivie, Tristan Johnson, Michael Scott Johnson, Gavin Yehle
Stage Manager - Ash Crystal

NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN by Winter Miller
Director - Tracy Callahan
Dramaturg - Megan Monaghan Rivas
Actors - Latoya Cameron, Sarah Nina Hayon, Matthew Sincell
Stage Manager - Annie Brantley

Resource Artists:
Milbre Burch (Storyteller)
David Kranes (Playwright/New Play Development Guru)
Corinne Penka (Dancer/Movement Specialist)
Steffan Soule (Stage Magician)
Jeff Wirth (Improv Artist)


2017 SLAC Lab Company