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Monday, 05 November 2012 14:14
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Jessica BLOG"Are you sure? Are you sure you want me to be in this rock musical?" That's the first thing I thought when I got the call offering me a role in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Until BBAJ I considered myself a strictly "classical" musical theater singer. I showed up to the first rehearsal terrified; That I wouldn't be able to fit well in this rock show, that everyone would call my bluff. Then we got to work. Doing so many read through's that I felt like I could recite the entire script. I found myself getting lost in the music, lost in the script. BBAJ has pushed me to be larger-than-life, stretch my voice and, do this all while being honest and connected to the character. I feel so lucky that I got to be in this incredible show, that I got to work at Salt Lake acting company and that I was able to trust the actors around me. Keven, Cynthia and Dave couldn't have been more encouraging during the whole process. I am thrilled SLAC is going to be working with the Universities and I hope I get to work on the SLAC stage again.

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