Comedy: a man's best friend | Bloody Actor Chase Ramsey

Thursday, 01 November 2012 15:28
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Chase Ramsey ColorIn comedy it is so incredible to have an audience to join on in the experience. After a while the jokes start to get old for the cast because we have heard them so much. The audience is the other lead actor in every comedy. I think that the most important thing that the cast has done very well, is that we have avoided playing the joke. I will explain with a parable... A man playing across a woman onstage one night reached for his coffie cup and the audience started to roar in laughter. The next night the man did the same thing and reached for the cup, just as the night before. This time there was no response for the audience. After the show the man approached his counter part and asked her why they did not laugh. She said "because you went for the laugh, not the cup." This is a cast of pros!!!

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